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Asia is not just China

Enquiring how the whole of Asia is performing by asking what’s happening China is a bit like judging the whole of world Golf by asking “how’s Tiger doing?”. One player being currently injured and off the form is not a damming indictment of the whole game – it is situational and specific to a single data point.
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Change the Lens – Different experiences help drive innovation.

I was at an interesting presentation recently; an update on progress towards certification of the worlds first supersonic #businessjet.  It was great to see technology and ambition come together to plan and produce a business tool that can reduce travel time and is focused on  productivity.  Whilst I listened with a mixed audience full of …
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Where’s home? Business Jet Infrastructure in Asia

In theory, finding a home for a business jet in Asia should not be too difficult; less than 800 jets, 48 countries (depending on specific definitions) and around 30% of the world’s landmass (44.5m sq kms) to choose from-  the statistics are good. However, with the fleet continuing to grow at double digit rates, hangarage, …
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Customer Service – call yourself and see how you get on.

The call center recording says “thank you for holding, your call is important and one of our representatives will be with you shortly”.   What it means is “your call isn’t important enough for us to staff our lines properly, can you please try self help on the website” The other favorite hold recording is “we are experiencing …
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