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  • FBO Advisory
  • Infrastructure, Design and Planning Management
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Revenue Management

With pricing, management and revenue models differing across USA, Europe and Asia, Claymore Hill is uniquely skilled to provide insight into the structure, needs and set up of Fixed Base Operations both at dedicated and commercial airports

Claymore Hill and its associated companies can oversee the design, planning and management of FBO and general aviation construction projects from RFP to delivery.

Our partner associates have successfully implemented extensive ground up FBO projects in USA and Europe and continue to provide advisory services on a long term basis which ensures continued commitment to the success of your project.

Transaction-related engagements include:

  • Establishing fair market value of businesses, real estate, and assets.
  • Sale, acquisition, and merger of FBOs and other specialized aviation businesses,
  • identify potential prospects/targets, set transaction strategy/structuring, manage negotiation and process, prepare deal documents, oversee due diligence, and organize an efficient closing.

Revenue Management modelling gives your FBO a unique advantage in today’s competitive environment where consolidation and price pressures impact the market.

Ensuring that your pricing structure, revenue capture and network planning models are optimized offers a distinct opportunity to create value in the competitive market place.